Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where Did October Go??

Whew! October was one busy month! I started it off with the 3 Day for The Cure on Oct 1, 2 & 3 and from then on it was non-stop.

The weekend after the 3 Day Bill & I drove to Paso Robles to pick up our newest family member. Eve is a beautiful blind kitty who had been in a shelter for 7 months and didn't have much time left (yes - they were going to kill her).

She caught my eye when I saw her picture on a website -- she looked just like Chai did when I adopted her over 8 years ago. I thought that a blind kitty might be a perfect companion for my mom (who lives in our downstairs apartment) and Mom thought so too. So a dedicated shelter volunteer offered to meet us half-way and there you have it. She is a beautiful little sweetheart and we love that we could rescue this precious girl and give her a loving forever home.

For most of October the Giants were in the play-offs and watching the games became the focus of our activities with everything else fitting in around them. We worked around other obligations such as plays, dinners out, ham radio club meetings, (and oh yeah - work) so we could watch or listen to the games. I even took a small TV to a restaurant the final night of the NL Pennant series and that was big fun - the waitstaff kept coming by to check the score. I re-arranged massages, mani-pedis & hair appointments around the games. I guess at some level we all knew the Giants were making history and we wanted to participate as much as we could.

Of course the pinnacle was the Monday night winning of the World Series and then the parade on Wednesday. Now life has started to go back to normal; I'm wearing colors other than orange & black, flossing my teeth (it just took too much time & I was too tired), we're eating dinner at the dining room table instead of in front of the TV, and no longer trying to figure out what time the game starts in our time zone.

Yeah, it was hectic & crazy and I wouldn't change one minute of it!!

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