Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Walked

Since Sunday night I've tried to come up with the words to describe the experience of doing the 3 Day for Cure. Amazing, incredible, life changing, powerful ... I could go on and on.

But I've finally stopped because there is really only one word - Indescribable.

We walked. Young, old, male, female.
We walked. Tall, short, fat, thin.
We walked. Blonde, brunette, gray, bald, and yes even pink.
We walked. Fast, slow, together & alone.
We walked. With blisters, bunions, limps & bandages.
We walked, Black, white, & all shades in between.
We walked. In sunshine, rain, fog and wind.
We walked. Through smiles, tears, laughter & in silence.

We walked. For countless reasons, but with one common purpose.

I still have so many images in my mind and I know that over time most will fade. But the one enduring image that will stay with me is the way we walked. It was something I noticed in every single walker - that stride of determination and purpose - putting one foot in front of the other - step after step, mile after mile.

We walked.

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  1. Love, love LOVE!! I have the ultimate respect and gratitude for you, Jeanette!